Ourtime Dating Site UK Review: Find Love Later In Life Updated 2023

The site itself is very ugly – made up like advertisements for articles in a supermarket. They did not offer any test for 1 week…. I remember that they promoted with a sentence … you only get what you put in… something like that…. But they have lost their hearts all together.

Top Sites for Lesbians

The ultimate parent of Match.com is People Media. Their Wikipedia page is less than flattering and once had a bright red header cautioning that it appeared to have been written as an advertisement. But, I do not like the layout and the way they have some of the features laid out. Your review helped via the treatment you have had from others.

Sorry everyone is so disappointed and lost money. My profile was deleted twice and a totally new one https://hookupranker.com/blackfling-review/ replaced and composed of complete garbage. Thank you, your review helped me make my decision.

Well it’s been great but could it be Better! Yes

In a month, the website is visited by more than 8 million users. Over 7.7 million of these visits come from the US. This means the user base isn’t dispersed between different countries but concentrated in a single country. Your chances of finding a suitable match in your area are much higher. The platform unites more than 1,500, 000 American users, 180,000 of which are active regularly.

By following these tips and using one of the best over 50 dating sites, you can increase your chances of finding love in your golden years. One unique feature of Zoosk is their photo verification process, which helps ensure that users are who they say they are. This can be especially reassuring for those who may be worried about online scams or fake profiles. OurTime lets you enjoy dating on the go with an app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. I have to agree with the other reviews.

Customers can use this with singles they might want to text/call and keep their personal phone numbers completely private. There are not too many features available that give you a good taste of what the app can offer its customers. OurTime is a really mixed bag, honestly. There is plenty to like about the site, but there are some issues that are glaringly obvious. Overall, we would recommend its services, especially to those who are looking for older singles who are typically over 50 years of age. But keep in mind there are some areas that definitely need to be improved in the future.

I literally spent hours reviewing and deleting the same profiles or ones that were totally out of line with the the characteristics I indicated. Since this is all computerized, how hard can it be? I also had inappropriate contact which I reported and it was supposedly taken care of, yet within two weeks the same man/profile/photo etc. was sent as a possible match! I reiterate, how hard can it be to remove and prevent someone from this? If nothing else, I will be submitting a complaint to the state’s Attorney General’s Office and I advise you all to do the same.

Not sure I want to pay to meet a person who lies. And THEN says he wanted a sexual relationship. I am a 60s woman who decided to try meeting someone online again for the new year. I am lonely and alone so decided to try to do something new to improve my chances of meeting someone to date.

OURTIME will quickly send out a flirt or say you designated someone as “your favorite”. I do not understand the business & ethics failures involved. This concept should be cleaned up & run honestly. All of the sites seem to have negative or “beware” reviews. I was signed up for both of these sites which I believe is one and the same. I had married guys, foreigners with the same line I believe they must have some chain letter they circulate.

I hate that I have to pay for messaging. I mean, I should be free to connect people more at this late age. OurTime looks very soft and professional – still needs more features from other similar website. Been lonely for a while now, it’s a great chance to chat with new friends and feel connected. I would introduce this to my mom, since she has been single for a long time to raise me up.

Once you have paid for your Ourtime membership computer bots lose their interest in you. The number of messages you get daily decreases and soon everything stops. Then they renew your membership automatically and life is good again. But the problem is that talking to these bots leads to nothing. It’s a giant waste of time and money every time your membership is renewed.

I’m trying to find a good dating site. From a technical perspective, the site is clunky at best. The matching system is as useless as Trump. At least the gender has been right – most of the time.

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