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Users have very easy access to two wallets that work exactly like Bitcoin, but with faster block processing. In addition to these desktop wallets, Feathercoin is supported by various mobile wallets and block explorers. It is best to realize what is the desired purpose of the wallet. If you want to use it to regularly pay and receive small amounts of Feathercoin, then mobile or online wallet makes sense due to their ease of use. If however, you want to use the wallet to hold a small Feathercoin fortune then security should be your priority.

I am a supporter of Litecoin and will be following Coblee’s releases. The Litecoin team is working on a newer release and this project will move with them. The warning is that not many other have downloaded the file. I’m sure someone else can come on and independently confirm this to be malware free. I will NEVER ask for any kind of funds up front in a buy/sale of anything on bitcointalk.

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Each wallet contains a set of private keys without which the owner of the Feathercoin cannot access the currency. The biggest security danger of Feathercoin is that the individual user will lose or have their private key stolen. Without the private key, the user will never see their Feathercoin . The first step to take when choosing to mine is to create a wallet to receive your mined coins. For mining FeatherCoin, the first thing to do is to download a wallet, generate the wallet address, and keep it open while mining. Choosing a wallet which makes the private key with which you dispose of your cryptocurrency visible only to you is most important.

There is a website to come and I will get this on to GitHub. I will update this post with some more technical details tomorrow. It has been a long day so I’ll leave you to test this over night. Markm, if nothing else I hope that you find this coin useful one day. This coin is a fork of Litecoin diving back to its 0.6.3 build.


If you are just receiving FTC, that is handled on the blockchain and you wallet scans and calculates for transactions for address, as you synchronise the wallet. In that case the old back-ups are still valid, so new backups are not required. The first time the wallet is run, or if it has been offline for a while, it will need to synchronise or get up to date with the latest blockchain. As the wallet finds other wallets or peers on the feathercoin network, it will ask them for previous blocks and gradually build up a copy of the block chain.

Version 0.8 will be deprecated once the automatic 0.11 fork is completed. The newer 0.9.3.x basic code has been moved “upstream” to be closer to the Bitcoin core framework. Exporting this MultiSig address to your partner involves sending the .msa file, to your partner. Right click on the MultiSig address to export the file. The claim is trade any leading blockchain asset for any other.

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There are various methods of cold storage of feathercoin wallet onlinecurrencies, including making your own free paper wallet. But the most common type of cold wallet is the hardware wallet. There is one problem with hot wallets, but it is a big one. Because they store cryptocurrencies online, they are at risk of being hacked. While the odds are low and many people use hot wallets without difficulties, it’s probably not a risk you want to take with large crypto funds.

Many updates to tests to run a complete set of feathercoind, feathercoin-qt and Python functional tests. For more information about mining FeatherCoin, you might consider joining the forum that has been created for FeatherCoin miners. You will receive an email with instructions for how to confirm your email address in a few minutes.


Check out our wallets section for advice on which type of wallet will suit you best. Once you’ve set up a wallet, for receiving or sending coins your wallet client will each time generate a unique Feathercoin adress. Although it sounds strange or even funny to talk about paper wallets in connection with a digital currency, they exist – in the form of printed-out private and public keys. Because of their physical nature, they provide a very high level of online security. Feathercoin is an upgraded and customised version of Bitcoin.

Step 5: Copy Your Script

Download the Mining software from FeatherCoin’s Github page and install it. The active antivirus on your computer might flag this file as a malware. Simply click on any command that indicates that you can still run the program regardless of the threat it may pose.

  • The main tab in options allows you to set Feathercoin to start on log in, the size of the database cache and the number of script verification threads.
  • The actual wallets probably hold more worth than listed, and smaller wallets or individual addresses could actually be part of a larger wallet.
  • It’s simplicity, the automated encrypted backups and the built-in exchange feature, all make it the perfect wallet to get started with Feathercoin.
  • Add the Label description, the address is then auto generated.
  • In addition to these desktop wallets, Feathercoin is supported by various mobile wallets and block explorers.

Like hardware wallets, hot wallets come with a recovery phrase. You can use this phrase to recover your crypto if you lose access to the hot wallet. Use this handy tool to create you very own QR code so your customers can instantly send feathercoin directly into your wallet. Allow users to donate feathercoin directly into your wallet by creating a feathercoin button for your website or blog.


Now that you’ve got the Feathercoin wallet installed, the next step is to get it to work. The Feathercoin wallet will download the blockchain to your computer on the first run. This may take a long time since the blockchain is a record of all the transactions that have occurred on the network since the cryptocurrency was released. The network would not be able to work without the blockchain’s presence. Furthermore, every time that the wallet is opened, the blockchain will update itself. Once the wallet is installed you can generate a Feathercoin address.

Receipt of payments entails the passing of a key and a invoice of the amount payable. The wallet then encrypts these further to various levels, the highest being the wallet password. The printed wallet will contain all the keys from the local wallet. If the local virtual wallet is deleted, the wallet will be in “cold storage” or “offline”. The filtered list can then be exported to a csv file the “Export” button at the bottom right of the window. Press on the Add recipient button to send payments to more than one recipients.

As long as your crypto is offline, it cannot be stolen by hackers. For large amounts of cryptocurrencies, a cold wallet is a good investment. There are several very well priced hardware wallets available between $50 and $150. Like an external hard drive or USB flash drive, hardware wallets take cryptocurrencies like the Feathercoin and store them on physical pieces of hardware. Hardware wallets are less common than digital wallets or offline wallets for Feathercoin and can be more difficult to locate. I’m looking for something very easy that non technical people could use to create a feathercoin wallet and then see about setting it up as a tipping system for the forum.

You can label the transaction with a description and input the amount. A pop up is shown with the newly created receive address address and QRCode image. The menus contain a large number of features whereas the buttons have been chosen to represent the basic operation of the wallet that most people will need to perform. Each screen is specialised for a task and is activated by pressing the appropriate button. Physically save your cryptocurrency wallet recovery phrases.

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The Feathercoin API is a set of function calls you can make to the Feathercoin server to return the status of various parameters, such as difficult, block height. The ACP system checkpoints the Feathercoin blockchain every 5 blocks. ACP does not dictate the blockchain, it provides checkpoints and helps prevent double spends, if the checkpoint is on a short branch it will be rejected. Checkpointing was originally built in to Bitcoin in order to prevent dishonest people reversing transactions and taking back the money they had sent. You can run your own or connect to a peer to peer node of the P2Pool distributed mining system.

As a full node, it validates and stores the full blockchain, providing the highest possible security and privacy. It’s intended for power users with technical knowledge. Feathercoin is an upgraded and customized version of Bitcoin.

Nothing under “featured tools” in terms of wallet clients. Also, I read Wellenreiter rebuke you for releasing too many software wallets without the necessary testing and pushing wallet upgrades without due diligence taking place. I read Wellenreiter make a comment about those crazy 0.9.5 wallets still out there. Well it’s the DEVS’ fault…they are all probably non-coders stuck like me. Do not use this version unless you require legacy features, there are also versions 0.16, 0.17, 0.18 and 0.19 available. Raise an issue if you are unsure whether a newer version still retains the legacy feature your require.

Superman then needs to send this raw transaction to Batman (by Email, BitMessage, SMS ..). Here we’ll describe how two partners can spend / transfer coins from their 2-of-3 MultiSig address. This transaction needs to be signed with two private keys, one is hold by Superman, the other by Batman or the Hulk.

Why can I only mine Etherium or Feathercoin with a GPU? SelfNotary is a notary process guide created by Feathercoin forum member @Slavco. Some of the Address generators can also look for Vanity addresses that are valid but include certain strings, like a name.

Multisignature is a form of technology used to add additional security for crypto-currencies transactions. Multisignature addresses require another user or multiple users to sign a transaction before it can be broadcast onto the block chain. Feathercoin is a cryptographic based currency using the Bitcoin core protocols and it’s own settings. Feathercoin runs as a blockchain on a peer to peer network. The software to validate and access the Feathercoin blockchain is developed by a group of open source contributors communicating through the Feathercoin forum. Feathercoin is a highly upgraded and customised piece of software compared to the Bitcoin and Litecoin protocols.

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